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a-recordsStaff' Stuff: Alltime Favs Edition I

Welcome to our new series and enjoy the alltime favs and favorite classics of our moderators and devselopers.

1. Sole Survivor by @Inavon

„This track is astoundingly engaging and deep. I can literally feel the drama that is happening. I love how this track builds up his intensity till the end.“

2. Can’t Sleep by @Mikke

„One of my all time favorites, mikke is a genius at sound design and grooves!“

3. White lies by @looks

„Pure creativity!“

4. Blown (mind is gone) by @Booms

„Istill come back to this track whenever I need my bass fix.“

5. D.M. by @Novi-Shock

„Nothing like a fat bass :)“

6. In no sight by @Intracktion

„My favorite: amazing composition.“

7. Radiator by @Sandstrum

„And of course: Radiator“

8. Without Member by @Distortion Of Reality and @cripta

„Nice and crunchy“

9. Dark Waters by @Vectorshock (DARKLITE)

„I always come back to this track when I want some Ambient inspiration. A huge track by a guy I certainly miss on Audiotool.“

10. No Future (ft. Aron) by @CGMan and @Aron

„Neurofunk as it should be ... Two great minds working together to create this aggressive, energetic and awesome masterpiece.“

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    ollie about 9 months ago

    Great collection of tracks!