Cover of album PLANETرحلة by VLTRA
  • about 11 months ago
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  • ambient
  • synth
  • atmospheric
  • ep
  • planetjourney

First dive into full synth work, and experimentation within Next beta.

Artwork: Kazuaki Iwasaki, ca 80s

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    leer. about 9 months ago

    just beautiful.... really inspired me to work on a new sound to bring out what's special to my ears. sounds so unfamiliar yet nostalgic at the same time.... there's a whole bunch of other mushy contradictions I can say about this but.... I just want you to know it's well appreciated by me at least. thanks for the inspiration <3

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    dwnupdwn about 10 months ago

    possibly best EP on AT

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    dwnupdwn about 11 months ago

    i want to live on this planet

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    An angel about 11 months ago

    <3<3<3 <3<3<3