Cover of album Honourable Mentions: ATDAY2017 by Jacob Tyler
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Jacob TylerHonourable Mentions: ATDAY2017

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  • 2017
  • ATday
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Here is the honourable mentions in no particular order. These tracks were all great in their own right and were just held back by either a few poor mixing decisions or a few questionable melodic choices. Other tracks that can make it in here are tracks from Artist's that have other tracks in the top 10.

Jacob, @Kepz , @opaqity

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    Cloud. about 4 months ago

    how tf did I get in here lol

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    naswalt about 4 months ago


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    DreamWeaver about 4 months ago

    No offense but how the hell did under the stars get on there. I don't understand why people praise it so much. It's really quite generic.

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    ollie about 4 months ago

    grats guys! (:

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    Gray Out about 4 months ago

    ay i got here again lol