Cover of album Night Times Volume Two by SOLACE
  • about 7 months ago
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SOLACENight Times Volume Two

  • audiotool
  • lo-fi
  • solace
  • Knx
  • 2s

the audiotool version of this album is missing a song because i goofed. but if you like this album enough, catch the missing track on the bandcamp version when it rele- whoops i dropped it on christmas

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I love you all. Happy holidays.

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    low ego about 6 months ago

    beautiful album <3

  • User Avatar

    SOLACE about 7 months ago

    <3 to the both of yous

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    leer. about 7 months ago

    You've really stepped your sample chopping and perc game in this in my opinion. Everything sounds so clear and organic <3. Gonna be another lil jam to study to

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    Kepz about 7 months ago

    haven't listened to your music in ages, liking the new direction