Edition Audiotool: Marodeur (Tocaknox)

Total playing time: 1:05:23

Our featured artist Marodeur formally known as Tocaknox compiled a great classical Audiotool Techno Top 10. Thanks Marodeur.

1. electronic body music (dotRMX) by @femme_robot

"This track inspires me as much as it did three years ago. The dark atmosphere is brilliant and the sound of this high synth took me out of this world!"

2. Im Kreis tanzen by @sumad

"One of the best techno basslines I´ve ever heard at audiotool! This track has so much energy that it forces you to move your legs to the fantastic beat."

3. Cembalo totally undead by @Snadbrugen

"I can´t describe how much I love this track ... it's my absolute favorite song from Audiotool and especially of my mate Sandburgen! It is the masterpiece of an artist who has always inspired me. Thank you so much Ralf that you are a part of this great community!"

4. Brigidino Boogie by @cripta

"Brigidino Boogie is still one of my favourite’s tracks from my friend Cripta! He plugged into this minimal techno bomb so much love and details. I cannot keep my feet still when listening to this fantastic track."

5. E-Voice by @Olondro

"It was hard to pick a track by Olondro, because I always love his detailed tracks. E-Voice is a very special track of Olondro and absolutely his best! This slowly rising melody and this ethereal voice make me forget everything around me… Thank you O for this brilliant song!"

6. Bambule by @André Michelle

"My favorite techno song by André Michelle! The bassline and drop at 1:00 is just amazing. It blows my mind!"

7. Fluid by @ascent

"Ascent is a great techno producer. Fluid is my absolute favorite track of his! This dark and energetic atmosphere inspired me a lot for my music production."

8. ElectroAnphètamine by @EliaTrix

"EliaTrix has fascinated me from the start with his music, because his sound is totally unique. The intro of Electro Anphetamine is one of the best I have ever heard! The scary voice makes me shudder, but I love it!"

9. Motorcycle by @CGMan

"Since I heard CGMan for the first time, I have been in love with his music. Especially ,Motorcycle´ shows what makes his songs so unique ... his scraping basslines pushing his songs to the limit, me included!"

10. Isolated System (Elyos & dabrig Remixining) by @dabrig

"Dabrig is one of the few artists who can draw their unique sound in each of their songs. , Isolated System (Elyos & dabrig Remixining)´ is an example of dabrig's brilliant sound design. The middle section of this song just makes me speechless! The synths took me out of this world…Thank you dabrig for sharing your fantastic music with us!"

Artist recommendation:

I'm gonna pick @Jonathan Gcia

He is a very talented Techno producer who produces fantastic underground groove tracks. The editing and effects in his tracks are very professional and I'm always happy when he releases new tracks.

One of my favorite tracks of Jonathan Gcia: Mi Name Is Optimus Prime (Coming soon)

In the mix

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