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a-recordsEdition Audiotool: [Hybrid]

Total playing time: 0:37:28

This week's Featured Artist @[Hybrid] compiled this cool Edition Audiotool album. Thanks for that.

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1. Hybrid Heaven {bit-trøn rmx} by @bit-tron/

"This was Drax's entry to Lewi's remix contest. Honestly, as non-complex as it is, the bass and chord structure is simply just in the right place. Something about it brings up this huge emotion that I can't quite pin point, but it makes me wanna rhyme every time I hear it"


2. los.t by @noefi.

"Some music is made for big audiences and social settings but Hvd. makes music for your solitary state. The vibe he creates is best for your alone time, well complimented with headphones. This is a beautiful installment to his Boom-Bap Aesthetic"

3. [Dem.Naps] by @[Khář¡]'

"Khari reminds me a lot of myself, what with how I use my samples and his structure is extremely similar to mine in many songs. The big difference is that he's faster in development and is easily smoother than me. Proud of this dude, I remember when he was just known as 'sampler'."

4. Water Park Sunday by @SOLACE

"Solace impressed me with this one. I've only know him to do DnB until I heard this track. Not only is the lead beautiful, but his drums are tight, the bass is unexpected and on point, and vibe is just chill. This is the type of song you could play in almost setting and it'll still create the tone of the moment."

5. endlessly. by @DemBoiZ

"This song is genius. Very underrated yet so well in composition. One thing About CityBound is that he knows how to make the samples he uses almost unrecognizable, yet he can still mold them into a beautiful sound. Something I'm very jealous of."

6. City Scapes by @DemBoiZ

"This is one of those tracks that can almost possess your senses for a moment. When I hear it, I can smell incense burning. It's weird, intricate, but overall beautiful. I've hit the replay button on this one several times, just to attempt to understand how he made this happen."

7. I'm Sorry by @clu

"Clu doesn't get enough credit for how versatile he is. Too many people claim to call him "future-bass" but there's a lot more to him. This is an example of how much he can switch it up. I've found myself very jealous of how he can accomplish what I've tried for years in just a few weeks. Hats off"

8.Japanese Trapmaster by @kendrick.

"I can't say much about kendrick, other than the fact that he makes bangers. Pretty underrated if you ask me. This song, just spells B.A.N.G.E.R."

9. [Elegance.] by @Dzool

"Dzool is the guru of creating Lofi sounds through audiotool, which I know first hand is tricky. He really knows how to drown his sound in vinyl while keeping it very enjoyable. I l love all of his tracks, but I love his sample play in this one, particularly."

10. Morning Sway (Wip) by @Lewi Astro

"Lewi is such a young talent. He doesn't get enough attention on his newer tracks so I'd like to bring this one to light. It's very soft and pretty, and the chords he uses always compliment the beatiful leads he puts over them. On top of that, his drums are genius. He can create a vibe through his drums alone, and that impresses me."

Artist Recommendation: @DemBoiZ

"Needs way more attention!"

11. Ni City by @DemBoiZ

"The reason I chose CityBound is because he is simply just underrated. He's only been noticed by a few predominant audiotool users, however his sound is super clean, his sample play is damn near genius, and his EQ abilities are far better than mine. I think he deserves so much more attention than he's gotten til now. "

Track of his own:

12. [Hybrid] Heaven []RMX[] by @[Hybrid]

"This was my unknown entry to Lewi's "hybrid heaven" remix competition. I was extremely late on it so it didn't get much notice. However, despite the fact that it is a remix, the only thing that didn't create on this track was the synth in the first 27 seconds of the song. Everything else was all me, NO SAMPLES. I think it's definitely my busiest song that's released, but there's many more to come."

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