Edition Audiotool: Grotzo

Total playing time: 1:11:29

Enjoy the Top 10 of our this week's Featured Artist, @Grotzo Thanks Alain for sharing this cool compilation with us.

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"The choice was quite difficult as many other artists should have been included in this album. I tried to be concise, and mention a dozen artists that represent what I love most and impressed me when I discovered Audiotool. I can't mention everybody and i hope that other musician won't be disappointed. "

1. Three minutes after the world died by @tornsage

"Tornsage is the flagship artist for me in music with the spirit of Downtempo or Trip Hop. I like it. I chose this track but I like many others of his, too. It is the simplicity, always with the vibration which is at the same time both tragic and exhilarating, wrapped in the spirit of Zen."

2. Under The Same Sun by @Olaf

"Olaf is the first artist whose atmospheric music touched me. I have always followed him and paid attention to his creations which are always of very good taste."

3. Personal Music - Esperience "Two" by @WhiteGrizzly

"White Grizzly is a musician musically very close to the universe that I have explored for years with meditative music. So I have always looked out for new tracks of his, finding the atmospheres I've always loved. "

4. Planes by @Julsy

"Julsy lies halfway between the very quiet music and the faster, more rhythmic tracks. But it's always in a Zen spirit which I like so much."

5. Stellar magnetic field by @Daftwill

"It's Daftwill's frank to and fro between rhythmic and "Electro Space" aspects with his characteristic synths and atmospheres which have made me love his music for such a long time."

6. Emancipation by @cihangir

"With Cihangir I glide with delight in the sensual and hot music into the depth of night. His music has always appeared exceptionally pure, both in terms of the spirit of its sounds, its arrangements ... well, for me it is a must."

7. baboom (Original mix) by @Jonathan Gcia

"I have appreciated his music since he called himself kostetch. He, too, is for me a magical artist. I always liked his tracks."

8. Purple daze by @Snadbrugen featuring @Intracktion

"Sndbrgn is also one of the first artists whose music I liked and always followed. I am a great admirer of Kraftwerk and I found a not so distant vibration with Sndbrgn. I do not exactly know why, synths, mind, sound ... this good habit of going straight to "the point". Moreover, it is one of the first to have encouraged me to begin."

9. Autoscontro by @cripta

"Music composed by Cripta will serve me to build a bridge to the next track of this album. His style is also very wide-ranging, this is what I like. He always maintains an excellent musical taste, which in my opinion places him among the best sound designers of Audiotool. For me, this is a must-musician."

10. Rise by @Jambosh

"So Jambosh is the one who I have always felt close to. I mean the style, sound etc. I've always loved the high quality of his tracks but also and above all the energy that is always there. This boy has always fired Audiotool with positive vibrations. Another recommendation. "

Artist Recommendation: @Jonathan Gcia

Own favorite track: I Dance Naked

"This is for the pleasure of hearing the voice of my friend Penny. A great time of collaborating, while we were 2,000 k apart"

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