Cover of album Another Bloodstained Day  by 死来SHVDRVCK
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死来SHVDRVCKAnother Bloodstained Day

  • trap
  • lofi
Total playing time: 0:13:31

I and James, the leader of The NY Scorpions, were finished with our cups of Joe. We walked outside the rain pourin' down on the both of us. He whispers to me while pullin' out a lighter. "if any of the Fordham Baldies and you try to touch us again you'll regret it". We part ways and I smile, pulling out a cigarette to burn through while walking home. “speaking business”/// I walk down Waring Avenue, the rain getting more intense. I pull out my umbrella starin as the cars go by me. “when it rains it pours”/// I walk up to my apartment soaked from the intense weather, the umbrella barely helping. I open the door and walk up the stairs. I hang my coat up and pull out a cigar from my humidor and cut a macanudo for the night. I sit back while the rain outside becomes intense. I block out everything around me while it floods in the streets. “drowned out”/// I wake up to a loud crack at the front door of my apartment room. I pull out my Smith and Wesson .38 from the drawer and look outside. A kid is out in the hall throwing a baseball against the wall. I tell the little punk to screw off, and he runs down the hall. I dial up Roy on the phone a friend of mine in the Baldies with me. I tell em we got business to take care of. Me and Roy meet up and pull a drive by on James’ crew while they were at the diner. “Diner driveby” /// All of them removed none left. Me and Roy book it in the Lincoln Coup, little did we know we were bein’ chased by more of the Scorpions. Roy peeks out the window letting off his street sweeper getting rid of their headlights and 2 front tires. They fire back at us taking out our back tires. We all survive the crash and take cover behind our vehicles. Roy fires shots and hits two of em. Roy gets shot in the arm and I shoot the last one in the chest and walk up to em to split his wig open. Roy is rushed to the hospital and the men are takin care of. “dead and done’/// Later that night I find myself back at the cathedral repenting for what has transpired, the father in shock. He gives me several hundred hail marys. “Hail mary Full of Grace”///

I head home and take a nap on a bed with bloodstained clothes, broken buttons, and holes. I take one large exhale blowing everything that has happened tonight in the air.

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