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『brackats』Why Is My Name Taken?

Total playing time: 0:22:11

Free EP on Bandcamp. Also available on these streaming services:

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({[brackats]})'s first EP release expresses his frustration in finding an artist name that's not taken. Due to his lack of proficiency in English and ethics in advertisement, his music received mixed impression from listeners. Some found spamming completely unacceptable. Others found ({[brackats]})'s music good enough to be spammed.

The EP consists of 5 tracks entirely produced on They range from synthpop, to chiptune, to ambient, and modern EDM.

As mentioned above, the reactions were mixed on the subject of spamming:

"Usually I am disappointed, but this is actually a cool track. I don't know why. I think it's cause of the different styles but it reminds me of onestop.mid" - @Infyuthsion on Conglomerate

"You better be lucky this is good. I generally strongly dislike mass spamming. But at least this a quality track. I like it." - @[Khář¡]' on Conglomerate

"Damn son. I can't even be angry that it was spammed. Very, very cool chip work here." - @Xavi on Conglomerate

Praised from artist on "Comment":

"Oh my god This is really cool" - @looks

"great!" - @lucy inugami

"One of my fave ambient songs on Audiotool" - @Infyuthsion

"Nice." - @Potasmic

Other notable comments:

"STOP THE FREAKING SPAM OMG" - @Derrenno on plaintxt

"fantastic work! really love the whole thing and am particularly enamored with that tremolo organ pad-- so silky sexy and spooky all at same time :)" - @dronealpha on gllch

"Dont ruin a great track by spamming the fuck out of it" - @Acrylic on Clongomerate

"Nice melodies." - @Inavon on json

({[brackats]}) has hired an editor to write this EP description. He requested to have this verbatim, however: "Thank for all listening! ^_^ Glad you enjoy my music, thank all!"

All tracks are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike.

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