• ambient
  • bass
  • dub
  • deep
  • dubstep
  • dark
  • music
  • future
  • downtempo
  • futuristic
  • garage
  • sorrow
  • burial
  • olaf
  • uk
  • somber
  • vacant

isolation | ep

Total playing time: 0:15:22

a small collection of grime and garage tracks meant to juxtapose each other while still sitting in the same world sonically. i also tended to make these during quarantine times, the tracks "fugue" and the closer "recovery" both being made while I had covid recently and the two isolation versions made during early quarantine days hence the name "isolation."

i should also note that the "blueprint" for most of these came from my earlier grime tracks (i try to make one for every album) and the track "shatter" which i put out for my teeth collection of random uploads.

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