Cover of album _THEMARCHER by sim
  • about 7 months ago
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  • experimental

Spent quite a while on this one, hope y'all enjoy

HUGE thanks to my man @oh_deer for the art and inspiring the title ahah

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  • User Avatar

    Aeotius. about 5 months ago

    dude this is amazing!

  • User Avatar

    Werbs about 5 months ago

    yo ive been bumping this lately it actually gets me thinking and emotional and stuff thanks for this

  • User Avatar

    heisten about 5 months ago

    the best

  • User Avatar

    low ego about 6 months ago

    Love this, definetly the best album in the charts right now. Lots of songs here are literally goals. Well done!

  • User Avatar

    naswalt about 6 months ago

    your art always reminds me of night vale