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a-recordsEdition Audiotool: Cal Lycus

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Welcome to the our last Edition Audiotool Album in February 2016. This time it's @Cal Lycus and he compiled this cool album for you.

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1. DIsco Shark by @rnzr

"Boom. What can I say? Such a driving dance track. Great bassline and an awesome melody/percussive element. Vividly remember dancing to this one at both the AT:Con after party and the Tooltime party."

2. Inner Mask Disorder by @EliaTrix

"Schranz at its best. So many variations masterfully transitioned, how can anyone not be inspired to dabble in this genre? Must turn my hand to it again."

3. Blown (mind is gone) by @Booms

"Couldn’t tell you the genre, I just love the track. For me, though the bass is awesome, it’s the vocals that make this a killer. Quite like the Hip-Hop influences in this too."

4. simply sound DUB by @Anthony Bartone

"Other than that sweet low bass, I really think the grime-vibe sounds in there are sweet. Really eerie track. I feel this is how melodic Dubstep should sound. Way cooler sound."

5. Survival by @CGMan

"This was the first CGMan track I opened up and subsequently copied the bass design. I have since gone on to use a set-up similar to these in pretty much all Neuro style tracks I do. I have now made a template track of the basic set-up for this...such a time-saver."

6. Yesterday by @CGMan

"Couldn’t resist. In fairness, I do like almost anything this guy makes. This was the track he came back with after a break, best comeback ever. Nailed it."

7. Genera (Original Mix) by @Astrum

"Such a fun, up-beat track. Pretty cool, if simple, sound design. Great percussion work too. Listened to this kind of thing loads before finally turning to dnb. Never could make it though. We started a collab outside of AT a long time ago..I really should go back and work on it again."

8. Flake by @Olaf

"There is no one track that stands out from Olaf, I like his Garage, his tech and his Ambient. But this one is something I find quite inspiring. The composition is sound, the sounds haunting and the journey is sublime. When thinking ambient, this is where I turn."

9. The Eyes by @Tyburn

"Nothing about this I don’t like. Maybe one day I will remix it and turn it darker. Maybe."

10. miss with me RMX (WIP) by @Tottenhauser

"I always liked Tott‘s (and Oedi’s) darker Drum and Bass stuff. This remix is lighter than his usual Drum and Bass, but dark and filthy. I could probably attribute my first inclination to produce Drum and Bass to him and Oedi, with a nod to Jonjon too. I hope he comes back to Drum and Bass one day."

Artist Recommendation: @Unkindness and Murder

"This guy is seriously unknown, still learning but his ideas are sound. Recently featured one of his tracks on the ATU Podcast too, hopefully he gets the recognition he deserves. Truly funky tracks."

11. Sword Of Angels by @Unkindness and Murder

Ugh, me. So, like many people, I am not a fan of my own works. The things I am proudest of are generally things that are technically tricky. (Experiments in randomness for example.) However, usually my latest is my greatest, at the moment that would be:

12. Babylon Shall Fall by @Cal Lycus

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    ollie (is back)

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    Nice man, you really deserved this :)

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    Some old tracks you dug up here. Enjoyed the Listen!

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    eyy, congrats on the feature man!

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    Cal Lycus

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    i don’t know if it is but that photo looks really photoshopped

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    Such an underrated artist.

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    Great list man. Very cool choices

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    noice broat