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World of Frost

Total playing time: 0:18:19

Shrouded in a thick blanket of airborne snow and screaming wind, no light ever reaches its pasty snowy surface. No light except for the light from within the bottom layers of the clouds themselves. An everstorm of angry cold, dancing in a chaotic shuffle. Deep snow hides machines broken down from the frost, clicking in attempts of reactivation. One and only one machine rules the land, a great dragon of metal and frost, spreading its silver wings in the sky and down to protect its human champion from the lethal cold winds.

Well I currently have no images on my PC that are both good for this playlist's cover and Audiotool will not reject. I have a lot of images by the way, and only 1% of them are "good enough for upload" according to the stupid file upload button. So I am sorry if there is no cover image. If you want to complain, don't complain to me, because it isn't my fault this playlist is this way.

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