abdomen atriviate

Total playing time: 1:05:35

bugs are


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  • This is a great little EP. Immaculately creating a strange atmosphere. The space one gets enveloped into in this is so intriguing. Especially like the blend of the spacey percussive work and the pads.

    • The percussion is ace.

    • am honored to hear dat from ya man :'>

      i absolutely enjoyed doing all these tracks cause they were great experiments with how different i can make my sound design since i really wanna keep that promise of making nearly all my tracks different from one another, and surprising the audience each time will never stop being mah goal, even for MEEEE

      but thank u fr tho :'>> i did realize i used a lot of percussion on these tracks lol- but eh that's expected to see from a bloke like me lol

  • bugs are


    • well then, i have surprised meself xd

  • better get featured

    • i doubt it will but i'd like to imagine cause i really put my time to these tracks weh xd

  • really like these tracks man

    • oh big agreedo, every insect would absolutely be professional percussionists from that very beginning xd

    • not to mention the rhythms, worthy of the best percussionists

    • Really very interesting, please continue. I really enjoy combining different fields of knowledge with music, the world of insects is super fascinating and also the noises they make.

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