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Total playing time: 0:11:43

1st place : Joe's 1k remix comp - Tim Derry's unfinished entry by @Tim Derry

- This is amazing <3 I love how you were able to take the main melodic idea and expand on it with classic synthwave sounds. Amazing use of the original song to add texture to your remix <3 classic summer vibes from you as always Tim <3 you met the mood and built it up ito something new and fun


2nd place: Moonlight [Jetdarc Remix/Entry] by @Jetdarc

- Jet i found myself bobbing my head from the getgo <3 love the way you chopped up Moonlight in your remix. an absolute bop and percussion in on point and the main melody sways in and out so nicely <3 love the mood in this!


3rd place: ode to joe by @vistamista⁉★★★

-God damn vista <3 this is so warm and welcoming. Love the atmosphere you were able to create with the ringing out ntoes from the melody. <3 im in love with your extension of harmony on this. Amazing work with the original song the sample allowed you to add some really nice contrast with the bright synths <3


honorable mention:

An open window before the moonlight (Joe's remix comp) by @Mircode

I loved the atmophere in this a lot<3 I feel like the huge snare might have broken that immersion i was feeling before it came in. great harmony in this one too <3


thanks for all those who participated <3

DM me on discord when you get a chance so i can venmo you your prizes and talk about colabs

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