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Board Topic Formatting Guide

Because of the lack of documentation/support on how to format board posts on audiotool using (link is only visible to registered users), here's a quick guide on how to get started adding flare to your posts! Note that this post is simply a modified version of the aforementioned link for audiotool specifically. Also, this post will be updated as new formats are added/discovered.


Text Formatting

Wikitext only supports bold and italic text formatting. Both of which use the apostrophe ('), three (3) and two (2) respectively.


"'I'm Bold"'


"I'm Italic"


Links (External)

All links on the board can be formatted either by simply pasting them into the editor or surrounding them with square brackets ([ ]). The latter provides support for more customization in formatting.

NOTE: All links to audiotool board rooms or posts will be formatted with their respective names by default

Named Link

[ (link is only visible to registered users) visit Audiotool ]

Bare Link

(link is only visible to registered users)




Headings, like the one above, can be rendered using equal signs (=) on either side of the target text. In accordance with HTML tags, there are six (6) headings.

=Heading 1=
==Heading 2==
===Heading 3===
====Heading 4====
=====Heading 5=====
======Heading 6======


Horizontal Rules

Horizontal rules, or dividing lines, can be rendered using four (4) dashes (-)


Line Breaks

Unlike your profile bio or track descriptions, breaks between lines must be separated by an empty line

NOTE: If you want a space between lines, you can use the following symbol across audiotool: (‍‍‍ )

I am a
broken line


Indents (equivalent of pressing tab at the beginning of a new line) can be achieved with a colon ":". You can increase the indent by adding colons.

: 1st Indent
:: 2nd Indent
:::... nth Indent


Both ordered and unordered lists can be rendered by using the asterisk "*" and hash "#" symbols respectively

Ordered Lists

  1. # Item 1
  2. # Item 2
  3. # Item 3...

Unordered Lists

  • * Item 1
  • * Item 2
  • * Item 3...

Description Lists

Description lists, used to pair terms and definitions or points with an idea, can be rendered using the colon ":" and semicolon ";" respectively

; Term/Idea
: Definition 1/Point 1
: Definition 2/Point 2
: Definition 3/Point 3...

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    EDIT: Special characters are not supported

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    Known As I

    3 weeks ago

    Awesome, thank you!

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      2 weeks ago

      Hopefully in the next upcoming AT update we can have a rich text formating options panel. Oldschool is ok, but sometimes not convinient.

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      Jordi Moragues

      2 weeks ago

      Agree, very useful, thanks!

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      Cheers! Hopefully this will be a help to frequent board users ^-^