Midi problem

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Midi problem

I don't know if anyone else has noticed this problem, but when I try to play chords on my midi keyboard and then play notes over top of them, the recording sounds like some of the chord notes are being subtracted when I play notes on top of the chords. Looking at the notes themselves in the note track, all the chord notes look like they're being sustained, but that's not what it sounds like. It gets to the point where Ill have a full chord on the bottom and I play a lick over top of it (whilst holding the chord), and by the time I've finished all I hear is the last note of the lick and maybe like one note that was in the chord. I don't know if maybe this is just something with the midi controller or the synth I'm using but I'm highly confused and a little irritated. If someone can please help me understand what's going on I'd appreciate it.

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