New Application Design

  • about 2 years ago
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New Application Design

As announced recently, we are happy to launch the new user interface foundation of the audiotool application today!

New Features

  • Faster booting time
  • New compact layout
  • Many design improvements
  • Device icons in timeline
  • Collapsible text chat
  • Right click track name (or shift click) to enable/disable all other tracks in the timeline
  • Decline invites and/or delete local tracks directly from the project browser
  • Quick filter your projects in the project browser (Unsaved, Draft, Published,...)
  • DSP load meter
  • Restore many application settings when switching between projects
  • Reset groove and micro tuning option
  • Reworked preferences (now a dialog)
  • Many bug fixes

Please make yourself familiar with the new features and report any bugs here Support >> Bug Report

Have fun! Your audiotool basement ♥︎

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