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You see my profile and tracks, and you're probably like, "Oh my goodness? How does he not have more followers!? This guy's awesome!"
If you're thinking that...
You don't exist and you are wrong.
Nobody thinks that.
So, I know my stuff needs work. I know. It's not the matter of I need to "put myself out there" and "be recognized for my overall awesomeness." Nope. Though I could do a collab with someone famous. It's pretty much necessary at this point.
But do you ever wonder if maybe these famous people feel used? Just a gateway to recognization? Ouch. That really hurts, and I know that. So that's why I'll (probably) stick to people in my own skill level.
Plus, collabs with famous people are generic and for suckers.
I love it when I get harsh crit, but if it's always gonna be about the same stuff, the lack of mixing, the emptiness, or the lack of sub bass, then how am I gonna know if I'm getting better or not?
I've been here for just over a year, and I still don't know what mixing is, or lack thereof
"When someone gives feedback, it's not always gonna be positive feedback. You balance that with something you like. But is you leave out the thing you like about a thing, it turns from constructive criticism, to just... criticism." - Me (I think..?)
"Anything that's rendered from the past will be ignored because it's not important anymore.
it's best to move your feet forward." - ApoC
"Nothing of value comes without effort." - Rin Minato
Remember what happened on 9/27/18. Don't ever forget how much words can hurt someone.

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