80's Nostalgia Music

created 2022-04-03 by Penguin554

Little tag, i recommend just using it if you feel you music gives off that 80's vibe :P.

Examples of 80's vibes: Sun always shines on TV / Dont you forget about me / Promised you a miracle / Summer in Berlin / Talk Talk 1997/1998 (idfk ???) Remaster / git every micheal jackson song :P / ALL DAFT PUNK SONGS TOO, theyre probably a rlly good example seeing as Daft Punk dont go too much lyrics / Shout / Head over heels by Tears for Fears 0-0 Omfg this song is beatiful ;-; / Always something there to remind me by Naked eyes / Promises Promises also by Naked Eyes / One thing Leads to Another By the Fixx

Yall get the Point

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