what exactly is the "newbie" genre?

created 2018-11-27 by seb

what exactly is the "newbie" genre?

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  • a genre for people who don't categorise their tracks

  • i know it's not trap :U

  • I've been wondering the same thing. For newer producers?

    • @seb , you would probably do very very well in legitimately any of the categories (except for bass music or hardcore, you know what I mean :/), however the one that would probably work best for you is the "experimental" one. That's just me though, you do whatever.

    • fr! is just i still dont know where to put mine, i usually while go with "loveboy"/"sadboy" or even "organic melody: but they dont exists

    • lmao yea. i'd feel bad if it was the original intention tho lol. let them up and comers get their shine. until then... it needs clarification lmao

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  • englush any published work without genre tags automatically get assigned newbie