Glad to see these charts are still going hard

created 2019-09-16 by naswalt

I try every week to place on the uncategorized charts in audiotool. It's the sign of a real artist. Trap? Bass music? Get that weak shit out of here. UNCATEGORIZED is R E A L music, son. When you start to figure that out, you start to understand this whole new world order thing. You start seeing patterns you never have before. And soon enough you find yourself in a hot tub sitting across from André Michelle talking about how you're going to systematically oppress every trap kid and force them into hard manual labor by getting them hooked on drugs and making the only line of work available for them being the audiotool gulags where they'll fix server issues day in and day out just to come home and find that they're lost their sample upload privileges. You start to see that all of the audiotool drama that takes place in comment sections is actually all heavily monitored and sometimes manipulated by Skrillex to make trap seem like it's a bad genre of music just because he's insecure about dubstep leaving its pop music status. But you'll be cool with papa Skrill cause he invites you to parties every other weekend that he doesn't have custody of the kids where you get to dine on endless shrimp. I'm talking these are like the BIGGEST shrimp you've ever seen. Good shit.

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