Audiotool Basics 1-1

Audiotool Basics 1-2

Making a Basic Track

Synthesis Basics Pt 1

Heisenberg Tutorial

How to use the Bassline

What Does a Compressor Do?

Synths - Dubstep Loopbass

Synths - Dubstep Yoybass

Synths - Trance Pads

Tricks - Stereo Delay

Tricks - Virtual Compression

Tricks - Loop Composites

Tricks - Ambient 303

Tricks - Formant Filters

Tricks - Timeline Machiniste

Tricks - Playable Arpeggiator

Tricks - Ping-Pong Delay

Tricks - Hidden Oscillator

Analogue Drum Machine

Reverse Sends

Using Send Effects

Mod Wheel Trick

How To Build Chords

Using Oscillator Sync

Trance Progression