Why do I have to use Google Chrome?

By now Chrome is the only browser to support the Web-MIDI-API. Check out the Google Chrome homepage to download.

Why does it show "MIDI disconnected" although I have a MIDI-keyboard connected ?

Make sure you have activated the Web-MIDI-API in the Chrome preferences. Copy and paste this into Chrome's address field: chrome://flags/#enable-web-midi, click activate and restart Chrome.

Why does it show ”MIDI connected“ but does not play any notes?

Chrome does only scan for new devices upon startup, so make sure you have your hardware connected when starting Chrome or restart Chrome after connecting your hardware.

How can I map my keyboard's hardware knobs to knobs or sliders of the synthesizer?

Do a click on any knob or slider on the synthesizer and then move the hardware knob on your keyboard you want to map.

Why is the computer keyboard mapping so weird?

We choose to support the most used keyboard layout on our platform which is US-English. If you want to use the computer keyboard to play the synthesizers you should switch your keyboard layout to US-English for best results.