Cover of track 100 follower remix comp. by YoDoKoMeNa
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YoDoKoMeNa, 100 follower remix comp.


So I finally got 100 followers... Remix Competition time. It's hard to make something to remix and not remix it. XD oh well people please enter. [make instructions after this]

- So you can use any DAW that you want, I won't confine you to AT.

- Umm, make sure it sounds like a remix, not just similar sounds put together in a way that is not remotely regonizeable.

- Also make it over a minute please.


1st - Follow and a post on soundcloud.

2nd - Post on soundcloud.

3rd - Digital pat on the back, and (if you beg) a post on soundcloud.

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    TiC { hiatus } `|C チック

    about 4 years ago

    lol i dont think you have to ask