I edited and sliced samples to make one shots for the macchiniste mostly. I prfer doing this as the sounds are very different than the Pulv. Plus I suck at the Pulv. My main focus now is on production. I think this track has the most professional production of anything I've done. Plus I think the song is cool too. As always tell me your opinions. Don't hold back as it's how I improve.

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  • refav!

  • omg i love this one

  • Thank you Ryan. Wow, this one has certainly picked up pace recently. This is my second most popular track on facebook and here it never caught on but I think that was do to lack of listens. Suddenly people are hearing it and it's getting a favorable response. I'm pleased as I always thought this track was worth more attention than it got.

  • good track

  • Thank you notadogable, Olondro and Nyan Cat. I appreciate the support.

  • One word. GO!

  • yes!

  • Well, your machiniste excursion was extemely succesful :)

    Unbelievable talent man great work.

  • Thank you thescreamingstars

  • I love the part at 2:00 !!! :)

  • Thank you Grotzo. I like this one too.

  • I forget your mixage too.... very good sound !

  • Very very cool, good energy, original, excellent. The drums are realy killer, i like this track.

  • Thank you Elia

  • 1.09 Nice. stuff Samhain. and hard tunes!