Cover of track Enclosed Biohazard [Stage 2] by Jetdarc
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Jetdarc, Enclosed Biohazard [Stage 2]


[Stage 1 is missing]

In the second wasteland stage, Gammafreak explores a desert/underground area where surviving beasts, thieves and criminals of the world have hidden. All of them have been mutated and been given common abilities like super strength, speed, and basic elemental powers. Gammafreak makes a lazy attempt to persuade the thieves to let him pass and became impatient and decided to plow his way through everything, which wasn't exactly the best idea.

[LOOP START: 01:42 ]

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    about 1 year ago

    idk man doesn't have that omf in your other tracks you know

    still good tho

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      about 1 year ago

      yeah, thats why i gave up on gammafreak (at the veeeeeeerrrry least for now)