This ones for the homies.

@JustDaniel (FL)




Miss you guys.

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  • between the vibes of this beat and the caption im fighting back tears haha

  • Miss you too buddy

  • i feel like this could be better without the random ass 'yo' and 'uh'.

    Also try to turn that percussion sample into individual sounds and place them in other places. The loop just slapped on top feels low effort and cheap.

    I think its a great track but its not its ful potential. keep it up man <3 sounds good over here

    • i already did that lmao.

      I reminded him that AT isnt a 'music publisher' its a DAW community. So when he uploads these sounds that are just exports from FL or ableton, its really hurting the community. These people don't understand AT culture; it sucks that hes been here longer than most of us and still doesn't get it.

    • Hey if you go on offbeatninja's page you can see most of his songs are exactly what you describe as "low effort and cheap", even though he has around 7k followers on soundcloud doing this type of stuff. if you want you could give him some feedback about that stuff lol.

    • also wtf is with that offbeatninja tag? lol who tf tags another artist in their song with no co-author?