After working late at work, you walk down the wet pavement with a sigh. Every day has felt like the last one and the weeks are hard and painful. You pull out a cigarette, only to have it be put out by the pouring rain. Life is hard sometimes, especially when you're walking down the streets of London without an umbrella to shield yourself. And the rain pours on...

Apologies for how short this is but I don't know where to go with it. If you want an invite, just ask. I might E.Q if I ever am able to finish it.

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    _◢_Fliiki_◣_ about 1 year ago

    Hey bro :D go lisen my remix of your track Liquide Dream

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    Bleū about 2 years ago

    Dude this is fucking hot

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    Mikke about 2 years ago