@Astrum , I'm sorry for ruining your song, but i wanted to try to remix your song XD

Listen and check ;) !!!

@Cripta , ancora grazie per il ritmo!!!

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  • Not ruined. Very nice.

  • Thanks :)

  • Good Stuff. I like it.

  • @ Cripta ahahah però non capisco perchè non riesco a modificarla e a pubblicarla di nuovo...Chissà che è successo... Comunque grazie ;)

    @william Thanks :D and no problem man ;)

  • lol pensavo peggio per averla fatta in un ora ...e' buona :)

  • cool! sorry, just realised I wasn't following you, but now I'm following=)


  • Thanks XD !!!

  • wow great work here Layo :)

  • Nice job with the pulverisateurs!

  • Thanks :D... No the melody didn't change, only the octave and something in the synth ;)

  • i would like to hear more of the drop, however when its there i enjoy it lots

    N1 M8 oh and has the melody changed??