Well with the bad news that the Gorillaz are no more I had to start working on a project that I been working on for awhile "Bananaz" this will consist of remixes and originals by me and a few friends. So tell me what you think and enjoy the music. ( And if you wanna help with the project just let me know )

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  • lol cool one man :)

  • i agree with tott.... but anyway it is cool :)

  • I love you for this!

  • Well cool just remix the track and have fun with it or remix the and use your own sample that you love from the Gorillaz either way is cool yo ^^

  • i'd be happy to be on the EP and help

  • love some gorillaz

  • I thought I knew that song. A little bit to close to the original? Copyright shit & stuff? Not to be a bad vibe, must check how you did it! If you did do it with just sampling the vocals then OMG!!!! You kick ass!!!!