Mixed like a fucking mess. Moombah is by far the hardest stuff ive had to eq and mix so i do apologise. Hopefully this will tease your rhythymic platter for now ;)

As far as i know, you get more bass when listening on speakers. But for the panning on drums etc, listen in headphones ;)

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  • dirty

  • Thanks Abaddon and Uprising! :)

    Its an amazing show. Eagerly looking for the rest of the series :')

    Cheers guys!

  • one of my favorite Series of all time

  • great track also . think one of the best mombah ive heard so far , not my type of music but this one is realy cool

  • great show

  • house of batiatus .

  • NICE!

  • Cool post on my wall when you get it finished

  • re-mix*

  • Thanks guys! :)

    Love seeing all these comments

  • great

  • Great sound i don't know what moombah is but this is great nusic

  • Nice work. Man, mixing that just sounds like a headache xD good luck. There are some really awesome sounds in there. Can't wait for the finished product

  • Yeah precisely. This would have about 20, max.

    It seems to have stopped now, yeah.

    I need to republish anyway to fix some panning fuckups