The intensity drops your senses except for the monster in front of you and the gaping would in your leg. If that weren't there, you could have ran away by now, or fought with the vigor you normally do. You raise your sword, and prepare for the monster's next blow. You hear it thump its leg. Once. Twice. It's a rhythmic thump. Does it have meaning? Why is it doing this? Your chest starts to throb. Oh god, the throbbing. Was it because of the moment's vigorous intensity, or something else? Then you realize. It's your heart. The beast isn't thumping it's horrible foot, it's your own heart betraying your confidence. You ready for the demon's next charge, and it comes fast. you barely have enough time to slash once at its throat before its tusk is embedded in your stomach. Your blood stains the ground, and you die, quickly to the beat of your blood.

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