for Klub Affekt!!

-thank you EVERYONE that has put in honest input for this track, and helped me finally get it right. From EQing to snare volume. (:

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  • so beautiful...

  • thanks box!

  • love it, nice percs and melody !

  • very awesome!...oh, i already faved this. well, ill favorite it again! :)

  • it's ok, I try not to be so assuming over the internet... I've seen what Youtube has done to people... lolololol

  • haha. ok I got it. Sorry if I came off as impatient or patronizing. It's just that I saw in the description that you fixed the clipping... but it was still there.

  • lol I only saved the draft..I didn't republish it yet you are seeing the same thing from the last publish.. I am fully aware of what the limiter does and how it works. Thank you for your concern with my song and the advice :)

  • I don't think you quite got what I was saying. The limiter on/off switch is still off, so the distortion is still there. The all you have to do is slide the little knob above the dB meters to the right. Currently it's still to the left meaning that it's turned off. Trust me. It will make a difference

  • Ok ill just turn down my main output

  • Hey man. I just figured out the crackle. You have the limiter turned off, allowing for the output to exceed 0db, which is the max, hence the distortion

  • Thanks Sigma :))

  • well done jace! that's a great track!

  • this is pretty cool! and thats just the begining (im not past the begining yet)

    sorry for typos

  • Thank you oscar.. :) still have somethings to fix though

  • cant believe i missed this!

    This is absolutely amazing Jace

    Really a work of club art

    Synths and chords are amazing. Drum work is smooth. All round brilliance