Natural extension to my last track "Phosphorescent Desert Buttons". Things get a little messy around the middle but I've done all I can to fix this. Thanks as always for listening

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  • great set of sounds ..... every1 is trying to be minimalistic these days .... but it is difficult to get a complex set of sounds together and yet make it beautiful .... well done !!

  • nice sound :D

  • That sound you have in there is..... I don't know, I just like it. It's a cool track, Job well done.

  • I wouldnt call it mess but complex :)

    Very nice, there is a lot going on but it sounds good

  • Really cool climat !

  • fantastic, love the sound and the mood, somewhere there's a instrument in my future. thanks for sharing your music....PS sounds like there some sex going

  • @samhain , yeah that's me on the guitar. Thank you Hbeao and dronealpha, your comments and support are super appreciated.

  • i am going to go out on a limb here and say this is a very listenable track. :) lots of different ears to listen and hear lots of different sounds, i think i was trying for something like this in 'hue or fragrance' but you've got far more talent/expression. LOVE to LISTEN to this one Per son a.

  • This is a genius soundscape, even though it may not be a 'listenable' track I think it would work well in a film or some sort?

  • Trippy. Is that you on the guitar?

  • sure it was...:)

  • I consider that the ultimate compliment for anything I do :)

  • I'll take that as a compliment Cripta :)

  • crazy shit !!

  • @ Olaf, yeah I struggled with mastering this one. I almost scrapped it but decided I would publish it as-is instead. Coming up with parts is never my problem, but making all of those parts sound good is a different story.