The first of my tracks to rise from the cold, churning waters of the Sea of Drafts. Also my first track ever; expect amateur-ish composition and overall sound. Enjoy!

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  • nice song

    if any1 checks out my music it could really use more plays (and a few favs)


  • This is really good for your first track. Really like the fact that you're going for the Pulverisateur right off the bat. A lot of people tend to wait around and play with the samples and loops, but when it comes to actual music production, learning the tools is the way to go. Props to you man :)

  • nothing amature about that sound design on the bass

  • we all start some where .. your start is well received here :) nice start cant w8 to hear your progression .. that bass is boss :)

  • Nice...sometimes I feel like I'm losing the pulse a bit, but good work