Cover of track Deep Trouble [Feat. ANK] (bpliego remix) by bpliego
  • about 4 years ago
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bpliego, Deep Trouble [Feat. ANK] (bpliego remix)


Once I was reading a childrens picture book. It smelled like rotten fish that had been sitting behind my freezer for 16 years. It was so interesting that I nearly ate another blue pencil so I decided to make this song.

I have been using the FL Studios for the dubsteps and the EDMs but then I found the Audiotools and I liked it so I used it and it tastes like strawberries. Enjoy the song and the ANKs gonna listen to the musics I make so I can get da peoples to like my songs and give me the pizzas for the prize because I live in South Poultry Land and I'm hungry. My fav pizzas is the tomatos.

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