Cover of track Depth and Grit by BeholderSC
  • about 4 years ago
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BeholderSC, Depth and Grit


Well, this is definitely something rather...unique. This had been sitting in my drafts for ages and, well, having taken some freindly advice and come to terms with a few things, i gave it a go and, lo behold, in the spae of a single night, this was made. The next day i finished the details for final publishing, so in all this took me about 3 hours or so.

The original idea is still here, but the beginning was made on the spot (more or less) and then i just kept going. I couldn't stop, i just couldn't stop making tweaks and fiddling and fixing...

I felt something i honestly hadn't felt in a long time, i can't just describe it, but we know what it is, that feeling when you're making a track and it just sound right, it sounds good.

Well, enjoy...maybe now i can tidy my messed upself and get back to being a beter person.

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