Somebody told me that the wind would tell to him/her what should do. Destiny Wind... Wind coming from the destiny but, wind destiny is where the wind arrives. So... Here is your little box.

~ o ~ o ~

Yeah dudes, a long time without publishing something. I published a track 6 months ago, and another 3,5 months ago but i deleted them, no reasons for publishing a track cuz i didnt have a real story to tell. That tracks had no sense...

Too many things happened in my life... Good things made me feeling myself full and i learnt of the bad things. As everybody does

@Crazy about You ... Thanks for being there, thanks for getting angry with me when i was lost and i didnt want to express what i feel. Always, It is a pleasure to work with you.

- Check the original one: Your voice is the echo of the mountains

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  • <3 <3 <3

  • refav from me to. Feeling bad cus i forgot this one. So good to hear it again

  • I remember this track. Hard to forget such beauty. Refave. ;)

  • Thanks to... thanks to.. Thanks to... Agash.

  • I think that Mr. Delfe is crazy...

  • This track just grabbed my heart and won't let go.

  • More

  • Wow you guys would make a good group together.

  • People like you and crazyaboutyou are the reason I check my feeds.. genuine artists.. though electronic music is the medium, your humanity, flesh and bone, still manages to shine through..

  • Promest u i would check out ur stuff and man ... this a true beauty. I realy like the guitar and the atmosphere.

  • n_n

  • Muy bueno....

  • Está que te cagas el tema, ahora tienes que hacer un tema original entero tuyo o mándame cualquier Draft y hacemos temones de sintes y guitarras o pianos, te lo has currado la verdad, espero que esto te ayude a volver a inspirarte. Está perfe el tema, menos la última dedicatoria jajajaja