i originally made this draft 2 months ago and i've become quite tired of it. i could've made this better, but the track was becoming really hard to work with. it sounds a bit meh to me, but i hope you guys like it.

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  • the insane lack of melodic variety in this bothers me to no end

    • eah i feel you

    • i just feel like i could've at least put an extra melody or two in there

      it's just the same few chords with the bass following the root and the lead in the drops following the top note on each chord

    • cringe but based for being into music theory

  • Awesome

  • Mmm

  • Dude, your insane

  • Republished

    apparently it didn't open remix when i repubbed it last time so i'm gonna hope that it worked this time.

  • wow, this is just unbelievably beautiful. astounding work here, melodies are so so freaking good. love the slower progression as well as the euphoric atmosphere. drop is amazing too, love the slides with the gritty drums

  • Republished


    open if you dare >:)

  • Bro deffo open remix, ill hop this shit up so muchhh

  • chords need a little work + mix is muddy all in all nice job with structure and everything

    open remix ill flip this for you if you want

  • u tryna tell me 3:34 sounds like shit

  • Republished


  • Republished

    hopefully better

  • holy shit it's so nice to hear this without lag

    • eh this kinda sounds like shit though