Inspird By Karma And the Famouse Nyan Cat

I bring you a Dead Nyan Cat :)

This is what happens when The nyan Cat got so popular It started Patying and fell in with the wrong croud .

Now Hooked On meth the Nyan Cat uses 8 of his 9 lives Fighing off Dog The bounty hunter. Now with only 1 life left The Amped up the nyan Cat Feels invincible and Decides its okay to play in trafic

The nyan Cat hears A prius Honking its horn and mistakes it for the Nyan Cat mating call and tries to mate with oncommng traffic ... SPLAT!

NEWS FLASH ! Nyan Cat Found Dead! Raod Crews rush to remove the remains of the Famouse Nyan Cat

Stuck in its meth induced state for eternity the Nyan Cat Crosses over into the realm of the living. To Murder any one driving a prius. Prius Owners Beware!


:: 8 Bit wow I have new respect for those who do this well .. This was one of my most challenging Projects to date ... So many Notes tht have to be place the right way in order to get the desired 8 Bit composition effect .. Kooto's For any one Doing 8 bit tracks.

Also Kooto's to anyone making thier own sub bass. this is much harder then it sounds because either the bass will pull volume away from your mix or your mix will pull the volume off of your sub bass unless mixed just right . i attemted to make my own sub bass here i did okay i think but mastering it was a pain in the ass

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  • I have no idea why this keeps trending i wonder if it is a bug or something not getting many plays or faves At the moment yet still trending makes my wonder how Trending works

  • Even more excellence.

    You really could become pro and make money off of this, and probably even travel to all those places you said you wanted to go; experience the midnight culture lol.

  • dude i do so many different experiments that there's no way any one can really keep track lol i have 4 pages of freekin tracks lol

  • Damn!....... I cant believe i never heard this, i guess i never had the time before.

  • >(^-^)< Really crap ascii cat, LOL great track :D

  • lmfao MEEEOOOWWWWWW :3 <3

  • I love 8-bit. This just blew my mind.

  • Cool.

  • Seriously brother, you're mad. Couldn't stop laughing at the cat noise when it first drops. :D

  • Crazy!

  • Nice!

  • i am totally happy about that :)

  • Check out the Remix :)

  • shpaple

  • wooooahh ^^^ <3