Simplicity EP

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  • Deep

  • Thank you!

  • very nice new sounds :)

  • I like it! Good job!

  • thanks!

  • nice one....just up the volume

  • Haha glad you guys like this!

  • nice man!!! ooooooooooooo my first contributor... :D

  • glad you told me about this one. I love the good feel, seem kinda post-apocalyptic to me :)

  • @Daymo do you mean the high tom? I felt it was needed, gave it some meaning, but maybe a bit too powerful. But thank you for your feedback I really appreciate it!

  • nice job tho

  • chillings, but one thing: I feel like the long reverbed kick is a bit... out of its place?

  • TRENDING????

  • Great work. The percs are very nice and those synths are cool and dark. I like it :)

  • really enjoyed it. lacking = minimal?