You're as useless to me as sunglasses in seattle

If you want beef i got some grade A cattle


rapping at me? Hahaha Not a battle

I go straight for the neck like snake, fucking rattle


Keep my name out ya mouth

You are small like a mouse

You see that i have on doubt

you still sleep on a couch


You’re so short you can’t go on a roller coaster

No smartphone, you gotta use a motorroller


Dick so small it could fit in a toilet paper tube

You give up your best friend and fam like a traitor do


Afraid of germs so you drink from water bottles

Turns out your immune system is getting fucking coddled


I literally eat fools like your for fucking breakfast

And for lunch i eat out your girlfriend while watching netflix


We've been seeing each other for a few weeks now

But from day one she lemme put the fucking dick down


I got a king size bed but its too small for me

Gonna fill my prescription up at the pharmacy


I got four girlfriends, but i can't get enough

You barely held one down, and u cant get it up


I walk the roads like a ten ton toad

Gamatora gets summoned by me and does what hes told


Uh, I am the best call me the eighth hokage

Shout out my southern melatonin king namahage

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