I always wanted to make a DnB but it never came this far.. so I tried and tried then I found out I was using 140 bpm and not 180.... :)

now here it is a LSD DnB...

and don't forget to follow and fave.. :)

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  • love the use of the synth. if you like this, please check out my ambient/ DnB fusion track Ambi-theatre

  • great!

  • 100 plays..! :)

  • lol yea but its like too much time, you know? and cool, add me

  • cool beat @ 1:10 i think you did a good job - i'm new to this also and working a collab w daftwill :)

  • @alchemist I know but I had to translate it all to 180 thats why it sounds off .. the second drop is better i think?? and thats also the reason why it is so short.... but thanks anyways for the comment... :)

  • @ bacon strips I will like it if you do.. :)

  • @bish y dev yes I do I will add you if i can find you. but did you looked at the tutorial page??

  • p.s., try making the drop a bit smoother and, let more of the song play through before you drop it and make the bass build-up come a bit later. Maybe put some quiet noise in that silent spot? but good job doubtless. keep doing well and you might get yourself a follow :D

  • and i like the big clap

  • i like the intro synth, the drums are a little odd. im thinking about remixing this

  • Lol, would you really?? That's awesome(: Thanks<3 Hey, do you have a facebook?

  • me??

  • Lol, like what? Before I had Derek (Bacon Strips) to teach me and stuff but we broke up, so like... who's gonna help me now? lol

  • But you will if you go on like this.. :)