Sometimes... you may feel like you wanna throw in the towel , but then you remember " Why am I doing this? " then you realize... For the people...Tell me what you think and enjoy the music.

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  • Awesome work here

  • :-)

  • :-)

  • Offbeat. I have a blog. I use it often. Im gonna post some of your music.

    Blogs.You should visit to submit your music.

    Earmilk OR


    Life for the

    Tips in getting your awesome chill music noticed.

    1.Get invloved in the blogs your visit.

    2.Make a remix of a VERY popular song in a VERY different way.

    3.Let your friends know :D hope this helps.

    GO,HARD (thats the slogan for my blog, Beatfind. hehe)

  • :) i do enjoy this a lot :) its over the top

  • You are so underated dude its not even need to be noticed. Every thought about submiting your music to blogs?

  • Thanks man I will strive for my best yo :D

  • hehe you used that "i love art" sample i used it too in some stuff im working on...

  • cool groove on this one bro i like :) - and yes my brother from another; if you affect 1 single person in this world it is worth it !!!! ...and you affect so many so keep it up man you have work to do :D