Hey guys! I ACTUALLY MADE A FULL LENGTH SONG lol maybe a little too long but oh well. This is a homage to the theme to the video game series, Metroid. I drew inspiration from both the original version of the song and the version that was in super smash bros lol. Anyway obviously PLS GIVE CRIT lol cuz i need it and I really hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed making it which is alot lmao.

Also thank you @Lito for helping me get the sidechain perfect and for giving me alot of tips in the process of making this.

Please enjoy :)

For People who dont know what Metroid is:

Metroid is a video game series made by Nintendo where you play as a bad ass bounty hunter named Samus Aran. She defends the galaxy from space pirates who try to steal the parasitic Metroid creatures. Thats basically it.

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    I LOVEEEE SUPER METROID!! Amazing music!

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    intro is awesome. maybe a bit long. the little bell that comes in has some sharp high frequencies. also the drop is super quiet. but overall its nice

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    The intro is very clean, but at 1:34 the bass could be stronger, it feels kinda watered down, also there is a weird thing goign on the sidechain where you barely can hear the kick. In addition the chords could be more full they feel a bit mono. 5:55 is nice but there is one chord that bothers me. There are some eqing problems her and there but It is very nice otherwise.

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    Had to change pic cuz it not elligble for ATday big sad

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    Uhh yeah i got to change the pic lol

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    This is a great homage to metroid! Unfortunately, it will not be eligible for AT Day 2020, due to the fact it uses pre-existing melodies, and counts as a remix. There's plenty of time still to enter again, and we look forwards to seeing what you will make :)

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    Oversaturate Audio