HMM i dont think im getting married anytime soon i just want to have fun!

and yes those are my VOX :D

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  • hehehehe SO MUCH MORE FUNNY

  • sweet.

  • I love this! This track is awesome! You are great at composing a song.

  • Love this :)

  • :D wow!

  • V haha.

  • :P, XD, and more happy faces.....

  • Hmm.. I'm very happy to hear one of your sense it's been awhile

  • This Makes me so happy!!

  • alot better than me atleast lol

  • yeah i mean some things I could try touching it up a little but My compter laggs like hell...

    I would love to work with you sometime, definately will support you all the way.

    none of your work will ever be perfect. but if you enjoy it thats all that matters.

    but just keep improving man I think you'll be pretty awesome.

  • nahhh i really dont think its that great but thank you i tried lol hopefully will do better in the future lol

  • expert compared to me x.x lol way over my head

  • Awesome sound - one of your best for sure! That crushed vocal "game over" is sweet! :D

  • thanks man ;) and haha at DOC thanks at least ill have a friend when once im there :)