For everthing NASA has done for us

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  • o okay

  • Sorry, I meant 0:40 . I was in the wrong mode in the app.

  • At 0:59 the background thing cuts out suddenly. I think it should stick around, or fade out if you want it gone. Also, try lowering the volume on your samples so that you can hear the Pulv more clearly.

  • i didnt even meen to time tht but without NASA we wouldnt have a lot of things incuding knowledge about some kinds of science

  • this is really good! also its good because the mars rover thingy landed yesterday :)

  • love it bro !!

  • o ok cool thnks

  • Love it. Heres advice. Dont use alot of premade loops.

  • Well the first half of this isnt a song but its kewl and spiffy