Cover of track Halloween Remix Contest by NiUn
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NiUn, Halloween Remix Contest


Well, Halloween is approaching fast, and to make the constant preparation of the assault of little children upon our households slightly more enjoyable, I created this to start a remix competition.

There are no rules regarding the song itself, but keeping the original prominent and making the song better overall will score the most points in my book.

The top five winners will recieve a follow from me and likes on their best songs. The top winner will also win an extreme ammount of digital high-fives and unilimted collaboration with me, my undying respect and, well, there's not much else I can give.

Anyway, the deadline is arbitrary and is subject to change based on popular demand, but for now I am setting it for midnight on Veteran's Day, November 11.

Good luck everyone. You will only need it if this becomes popular, but to heck with that. We're all here for the fun of it, right?

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