this is the masterd version of i dont want to lie to you no more hope you enjoy it........

and please write back with your comments please so i can improve thanks

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  • Really cool. Great audiotool track mix, if not a bit messy at times as Uprising said. If you could check out my stuff it would be much appreciated :)

  • What I would do is if you are going to use samples just try and find some that smoothly transition from one to the other but don't over do it

  • this is pretty cool man

  • thanks for all of your comments and i will do all of what you lot have said and thanks much appriceated

  • if you make a dubstep track, it's possible to get different samples all the time, but it's important that you have at least one beat that continues all the time, this is like you cut things out of tracks and put them after eachother. try to make a track with less samples.

  • to help you with Dub step :) as it was told to me Dub step is more of a beat then the bass lines normally associated with them Most Dub step from my understanding is around 145 to BPM if you want to get really technical This i would not call dub step But a good DJ mix with Dubstep elements added. Dub Step = all about the beat

  • keep workin at it :) maybe mix some samples with your own unique beats or find some samples out side of Audio tool :) the thing is we all heard these samples Quite often in the library. not a bad thing i learned doing the same exact thing :) then added Beats later i would suggest The machinist laded with a kick hh o hh c and a snare and just Guess till it sounds good :)

  • This is not a bad Mix of audio tracks A little messy in the middle :) I would be intreested in seeing what you can do with a pulv and a few beat boxes but not a bad DJ mix here :) good if your are a DJ

  • cheers for the comment :)

  • i like it